The NY Medical Marijuana Association is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving and advancing Medical Marijuana care.


Dr. Michael Morgenstern, a board certified neurologist and sleep medicine physician, established the NY Medical Marijuana association in 2016. Shortly after Medical Marijuana became legal, Dr. Morgenstern began treating his patients with Medical Marijuana and saw great results. However, he noticed several barriers affecting patient access to care. Physicians and patients lacked quality information about treatment with Medical Marijuana and the treatment was also complicated by legal considerations. Dr. Morgenstern believes that by providing essential information to the public, providers and patients will be empowered to make more informed decisions about care with Medical Marijuana. Dr. Michael Morgenstern works in private practice in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island and has extensive expertise treating patients with Medical Marijuana.


  • Publish content to inform patients about the benefits and risks of medical marijuana.
  • Educate physicians about the best practices for medical marijuana.
  • Collaborate with other groups to create manuals that help patients, physicians and organizations to navigate complex rules and regulations related to medical marijuana.