Finding the right doctor in New York to treat you with medical cannabinoids is not always simple. But it isn’t much different than finding any other specialist. First find a doctor that treats patients with medical cannabinoids nearby. Next, find a doctor that is specialized and experienced in treating your condition. Finally, find a doctor who has satisfied patients.

5 steps to find a medical cannabinoids doctor in New York that’s right for you

1. Ask your doctor to recommend a medical cannabinoids provider

A good place to start is with your primary care physician or the physician treating your specific condition. If your doctor doesn’t treat patients with medical cannabinoids, can he or she recommend someone else? Ask if your doctor can recommend two specialists, and, also ask why one would be recommended over the other. Is the recommendation based on reputation, convenience, or some other factor? You may also want to ask what other patients have said about that doctor. Since medical cannabinoids treatment in New York is relatively new, don’t be surprised if your doctor doesn’t have enough information, is not able to offer a referral, or is not able to answer all your questions. If that’s the case, the internet is another great resource for finding medical cannabinoids doctors in New York.

2. Search online for New York medical cannabinoids Doctors

Most online resources have important information about physicians’ medical education, board certifications, and contact information. However, standard online resources may not list medical cannabinoids providers. For this reason, websites such as can be particularly valuable. This site allows you to search for New York medical cannabinoids doctors by location and specialty. You can also view doctors’ ratings provided by patients. This is extremely useful for patients in New York looking to quickly be seen by a medical cannabinoids doctor.
Another resource is an individual doctor’s website (here’s an example of my own website). Doctors’ websites can give you insight into how friendly, transparent, or communicative a doctor might be. A website might also reveal information about a physician’s knowledge about medical cannabinoids and the doctor’s specialization and experience.

new york medical cannabinoids specialists by condition3. A Doctor’s Specialization

A physician’s training and experience is one of the most important factors that can affect your health. One indicator of a doctor’s skills and expertise is whether or not they are board certified in a specialty. A doctor might list this information on their website or on other online resources. This information can also be verified at independent websites like It would be ideal to find a board certified specialist who treats your condition and is a New York medical cannabinoids provider. For example, if you suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy, or Parkinson’s disease, it would best to find a neurologist who can see you. If you have Crohn’s disease, it would be optimal to find a gastroenterologist who treats patients with medical cannabinoids. It is also useful to see a specialist, because these doctors may help establish the diagnosis that qualifies you for medical cannabinoids. On several occasions, I have seen patients who would not have otherwise qualified for medical cannabinoids, but I was able to establish a diagnosis that enabled them to be treated with medical cannabinoids. If you can’t find a doctor with a specialty related to your condition, try to find a physician who is able to coordinate care with the provider who manages your illness.

4. A Doctor Experience

It is also important to consider how much experience that doctor has treating patients with medical cannabinoids. The more often a physician treats patients with medical cannabinoids, the better he or she will be in making sure it works for you while minimizing the side effects. The ideal doctor will be board certified in treating patients with your condition and also have a lot of experience with medical cannabinoids treatment. It sometimes isn’t possible to find a board certified medical cannabinoids doctor who has substantial experience treating patients with your condition. That’s OK. I have successfully treated patients with medical cannabinoids with inflammatory bowel disease or cancer even though I am a neurologist. These patients have had good outcomes, because I was managing their symptoms and maintaining close contact with their other physicians.

5. Doctor Location

A practice’s location and whether or not it is accessible by public transportation or has ample parking are also important practical considerations. You may find this information on a doctor’s website or you may need to call the office to find out. If you are driving, consider asking if there are any specific driving instructions. In my own practice, I instruct my staff to give new patients this type of information.

Summary: Finding A New York medical cannabinoids Physician

While finding a New York medical cannabinoids doctor can seem overwhelming, it is a fairly straightforward process. Try to find someone who specializes in treating your condition, has ample experience treating patients with medical cannabinoids, and has positive patient reviews. You can find doctors by asking your primary care physician, searching online, or using custom websites like These sites can be useful to find local New York medical cannabinoids providers with specialties likes neurology, oncology, or gastroenterology. These sites can also provide you with online reviews from real patients. Reviewing an individual doctor’s website is also a good way to learn more about a doctor’s specialty, experience, and other factors that you might want to consider before choosing the right medical cannabinoids provider for your health care needs.

Michael Morgenstern, MD

Michael Morgenstern, MD

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About the author: Dr. Michael Morgenstern is double board certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine. He works in private practice in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island and has extensive expertise treating patients with Medical Cannabinoids.
Michael Morgenstern, MD

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